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With regular cleaning you can live a happy life with periodontitis!


Our professional team is dedicated to offering comfortable, pain-free root canals.

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If you're missing any of your teeth let our team show you how dental implants can change your life!

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Nothing is as good as
your natural tooth!

Root canal therapy and dental implants are two very different procedures. Our doctors at Health And Happiness in Oak Lawn, IL are uniquely trained to help you decide if saving your tooth or replacing it is a better option. Our office works in collaboration with your general dentist to help determine the right course of treatment for you.

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Health And Happiness is a distinctive dental practice that provides periodontic and endodontic specialty services and dental implant treatment. Our first priority is to help patients retain their teeth, often performing complex surgical procedures in an optimum team approach. Other practices often attempt to fit their patients into a pre-conceived treatment plan, but our practice has over 35 years of experience providing individualized treatment options for dental implants and other dental needs. Patients compliment our clear explanations, express confidence in our skills, and appreciate our unique personalized treatment approaches, which are tailored to each patient’s specific needs.

Mission Statement

To create beauty* for those who appreciate beauty.

*Beauty as understood by the ancient Greeks encompassing not only the aesthetic but including goodness and truth. Every task should be done as a beautiful expression with love and grace.

There is beauty in goodness. There is beauty in truth. And, there is goodness in truth. There is a truth to how nature functions, and there is a goodness and a beauty when the environment is right to promote health, growth, and survival with happiness. Clinically, our practice aligns with beauty.

Our Goals

To love, serve, and enthusiastically care for patients who value their well-being...

  • Helping a patient feel better and look younger
  • Helping a patient eat, smile, laugh, and talk with confidence and comfort
  • Recognizing, treating, and preventing a patient’s oral disease to promote body health
  • Treating a patient as an individual with unique needs and wants
  • With the explicit objective to first preserve a patient’s natural teeth
  • Devoted to preserving and regenerating a patient’s bone, soft tissues, and facial structures.

...by providing the highest quality of dental care, using the latest technologies available.

Come visit us at our dental offices in Oak Lawn or Darien, Illinois, and you'll see for yourself how comfortable and rewarding the dental experience can be. Our team is available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. We specialize in preventing, diagnosing and treating periodontal disease, in endodontic therapy, and in dental implant consultation, planning and treatment. Our treatments can improve the health of your mouth and your general well being. For more insight, review our article under "About Us" titled Health, Love, and Happiness (A View on What it is all About, How Things are Connected, and What this Dental Practice Offers).

To learn more about our practice, browse through our website. Call us or fill out our appointment request form to schedule your appointment today!

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